Day 64: Mistakes Game & Bar Charts

AP Physics: Mistakes Game

We whiteboarded yesterday’s problems using the Mistakes Game. Most groups came up with their mistake by either talking about what they thought the most common wrong answer would be or by picking a mistake they made on the way to solving the problem. The highest math class had a field trip today, so a fair number of students were missing, but some students who are normally very quiet stepped up and spoke quite a bit, so I didn’t have to say much during either discussion. I was also pretty happy when the group presenting pointed to the “momentum force” on their free-body diagram and another student quoted Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride.


Physical Science: Bar Charts

Students worked on drawing energy bar charts. Some students are struggling with how to tell which types of energy are present, but most got the hang of it once they revisited the definitions of the different types of energy. I do want to keep thinking about how I introduce energy in that class

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