Day 49: Extending Torque & Sun Layers

AP Physics: More Torque

After formalizing the results of yesterday’s lab, I showed students a second class lever and asked them to decide whether the model we have for torque applies to these new levers and prepare a CER on a whiteboard. Most students went back to the first lever lab, where we looked for a relationship between the two forces and got beautiful results, including an intercept that’s too big to ignore. I was pleased at how many groups immediately decided to measure how much force it took to balance the lever with no additional weight on it and by how many had good conversations in their lab groups about what must be causing the intercept.


Earth Science: Layers of the Sun

Students used the textbook to complete a jigsaw on the layers of the Sun. The textbook has a line about “bright hydrogen lines”, so we had some good discussion as a class about how to interpret that statement and connecting back to the spectroscope lab we did a few days ago.

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