Day 48: Torque & Lenses

AP Physics: Torque

Students found a relationship between the distances masses had to be at on a lever in order to balance. Using two different masses, they picked a spot to place one mass, then moved the other until the lever balanced. Data collection went quick enough that we also had time to whiteboard and discuss the combined results of this lab and yesterday’s lab comparing forces on either side of a lever. I was pleased at how quickly students picked up the ratio hidden in the slope of each graph. I’m also continuing to take more of a background role in the discussions as students get more skilled and comfortable at talking physics.


Earth Science: Lenses

Today, we added refracting telescopes to our repertoire of astronomy observing tools. Students started by making observations through lenses of different focal lengths individually, then both simultaneously. My students are getting better at picking up on little observations, like distortions at the edges of the lends, or asking interesting questions, like whether the image will always be upside down with two lenses, and I’m getting better at responding with the question “How could you find out?”


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