Day 46: Mistakes Game & Reflecting Telescopes

AP Physics: Mistakes Game

We played Kelly O’Shea’s Mistakes Game using some problems with a central net force. Its great to see my students getting more skilled at discussing physics, which means I’m doing very little to keep the conversation moving. We had some particularly good discussions about a problem about the forces on a roller coaster car as it goes over a hill and about the forces on a yo-yo as it swings in a vertical circle.


A whiteboard for the roller coaster problem

Earth Science: Reflecting Telescopes

Students played with curved mirrors to get some ideas about how mirrors are used in telescopes. I also got out some electric candles and tasked students with projecting the candle on a sheet of paper. They struggled with that step, but it was great to see their reactions when they got a nice, sharp image of the candle “flame”.


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