Day 45: Central Force Problems & Historical Astronomy

AP Physics: Central Force Problems

Students worked on a few problems related to central net force causing circular motion. I also introduced Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation as we discussed a problem about orbits. A couple students got really excited when they realized the connection between Universal Gravitation and F= mg; one student decided that called for a dab.

Earth Science: Historical Astronomy

After the quiz on the Moon and planets, I did some short notes on historical astronomy. As part of the effort to incorporate engineering into 9th grade science, the curriculum calls for focusing on the tools astronomers use, but this seems like a great opportunity to incorporate the contributions of diverse groups. Next year, I want to do a better job of balancing the tools with the range of cultures we could talk about. I also want to find ways to make this lesson more active, but need to figure out what I can have students do without making the lesson significantly longer.

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