Day 2: Buggies & Coriolis Lab

Day 2 and I already forgot to take photos!

AP Physics: Buggies

We finished collecting data and graphing in the buggy lab. Every group produced two graphs: one with a full-speed buggy moving forward from 0; one with some other set-up. When I gave some groups half-speed buggies, I was pleased to see their first instinct was to make some observations before collecting any data. Here’s some of the things they noticed besides the speed:

  • “This one doesn’t light up.”
  • “This one is a lot quieter than the first one.”
  • “The wheels turn a lot slower on this one.”

Earth Science: Coriolis Lab

Students finished making observations on the Coriolis Effect lab, then wrote some rules to describe an object on a spinning surface. We also talked a little about the underlying skills, namely making observations and looking for patters to make a rule.

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