Day 128: Wave Superposition & Molar Mass in Reactions

I’m out today, so I’ll find out tomorrow how things actually went.

Physics: Wave Superposition

Students used a Direct Measurement Video to start exploring wave superposition. Since I’m not there to listen in on their conversations, I’m having them submit answers to some questions in Google Classroom so I can look over what my students are thinking before class on Wednesday.

Wave DMV

Chemistry: Molar Mass in Reactions

Students went back to the nuts, bolts, and washers to introduce the idea of stoichiometry. I made up a “reaction” using those three elements and provided a total mass available for one of the reactants. Students used the hardware as manipulatives to determine how much of the other reactants would be needed along with how much of the product would be produced. When I did this last tri, students tended to ignore the manipulatives, so I reworked some of the questions to try and emphasize how the physical nuts, bolts, and washers can be used to check an answer.


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