Day 127: Wave Equation & Molar Mass

Physics: Wave Equation

Students used snakey springs data for a relationship between wavelength and frequency and made graphs. I’d hoped to share the graphs today, but there just wasn’t enough time. They spent a lot longer than last year’s students figuring out how to measure the wavelength. Last year, the weather was nice enough to do the lab outside, and a lot of groups found ways to use their spring’s shadow to mark key points on the ground. Today, we had snow, so were stuck doing the lab inside. Students were quick to recognize, based on the units, that the slope of their linearized graph was the speed of the wave.

Chemistry: Molar Mass Practice

Students worked on some practice molar mass problems, then whiteboarded solutions for a gallery walk. A lot of students initially struggled going from a measured mass to a number of moles, but when I asked students to think back to the lab they did a few days ago and tell me how they would figure out how many bolts I had if all they knew was the mass, things clicked pretty quickly.


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