Day 55: Final Review

Final exams start on Wednesday, so both classes did some form of final review.

Physical Science

Students started by doing a short self-assessment on each of the learning targets from this trimester and we talked about how that could help them plan their studying. Next, I had each group come up with at least one possible test question for each learning target. I challenged students to come up with higher-level questions, even when the learning target is a simple one. Since AVID strategies are implemented pretty widely in the building, students were already familiar with Costa’s levels of questioning¬†and provided a decent scaffold for students to make sure they were writing challenging questions. Students submitted their questions to a Google Form, which I’ll use to put together a review game for tomorrow. Having each group do one question per target turned out to be too much, so next year I will ask for one question per unit.


Learning Target Self-Assessment Form


Students worked on a final review packet that goes back over all of the learning targets from this trimester. Tomorrow, I’ll have students whiteboard their solutions to the final review.

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