Day 42: Energy Position Project & Projectile Motion

Physical Science: Energy Position Project

Students started a research project on different energy sources. As part of the project, students have to develop a support an opinion on their energy source. At the end of next week, students will give a presentation to the rest of the class on their energy source.

Physics: Projectile Motion

We finally got Logger Pro installed on a netbook cart for students to use, so I had grand plans of teaching my students to use Logger Pro’s video analysis so they could generate position vs. time and velocity vs. time graphs of videos they’d recorded. But I made the mistake of not testing the netbooks before class and found out the hard way that, while everything works just fine on the school’s desktop computers, our netbooks use an old version of Quicktime, which means no viewing videos in Logger Pro.

In my second hour, I had students record some video tossing softballs and tennis balls at different angles. For my fourth hour, I used my prep to do some analysis of one of Vernier’s sample videos and gave my students the graphs and some conceptual questions. Our tech guy spent the afternoon updating Quicktime on the netbook cart, so I’ll probably have my students do some video analysis tomorrow.

Projectile Graphs

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