Day 12: Graph Matching & Board Meeting

My phone had a mishap with a drink this afternoon, so the photos I took are out of reach for now.

Physical Science: Graph Matching

Today I got out the motion detector to have students do some graph matching. My department doesn’t have enough LabQuests to do one per group, so the lesson was a mix between students in groups and testing predictions with the motion detector as a whole class. We hadn’t gone into the significance of the sign of the slope on a position time graph, so I had students start by sketching predicted position vs. time graphs for several written descriptions, with objects traveling both towards and away from the motion detector before having students walk the graphs from the Vernier activity.  Students loved the motion detector and I had no shortage of volunteers to try and walk the graphs.

Physics: Board Meeting

Students prepared whiteboards with their position vs. time graphs and linearized graphs from rolling carts down ramps. I’d hoped to include velocity vs. time graphs, as well, but the computer issues yesterday meant students just didn’t have time to produce those graphs. For the discussion, I used Casey Rutherford’s observations, claims, and evidence framework. I also took time at several points in the discussion to have students discuss with their neighbors before sharing with the whole class. Compared to the first board meeting, students did a lot more talking and I did a lot less. When I did talk, I asked much broader questions than last time. I’m pleased with the improvements both my students and I have made since the first board meeting.

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