Day 4: Bar Charts & CTSR

My sister is getting married this weekend, so today was my first sub of the year.

Physical Science: Energy Bar Charts

Students used the textbook to define kinetic and potential energy. I included some questions to try and connect the definitions to yesterday’s observations in the PhET Conservation of Energy sim. On Monday, we’ll have some class discussion so I can see what connections they made. Students will also be doing a few energy bar charts.

 Physics: CTSR
The 11th and 12th grade teachers in my department decided to base our PLC goal on Lawson’s Classroom Test of Scientific Reasoning so that we can focus on integrating more inquiry and critical thinking into our courses. My students are taking it as a pre-test today. Most of the questions are scored in pairs, so students are submitting answers in a Google Form that will automatically calculate scores. Once they finish, students will practice translating between position vs. time graphs, velocity vs. time graphs, and verbal representations by starting the Motion Detector Lab. On Monday, we’ll add in motion maps and get out the detectors.

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