Day 155: FCI, Mirror Calculations, & Nuclear Notation

I had a sub today so that I could spend my day interviewing students for a research project I’m working on.

AP Physics: FCI

Students took the post-test of the FCI. I prefer to give it before the AP exam to identify misconceptions I should take one more stab at before the big day, but the combination of snow days and the slower pace this year made it tough to justify giving up a day before the test this year.

Physics: Mirror Calculations

Students worked on some problems using the mirror equation. Its been a while since we looked at the mirror equation, so I’m wary about how this will go. I want to revamp this unit next year to try and get a better storyline.

Chemistry Essentials: Nuclear Notation

Students worked on some problems translating between different ways of representing an isotope to prepare for writing out nuclear reactions.

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