Day 145: AP Exam Day, Ray Diagrams, & Reaction Types

AP Physics 1: AP Exam Day

My second hour met this morning before the AP Physics 1 exam. I didn’t want to force them to spend an hour doing tough physics just before the exam, so I left the day pretty open. A couple of students brought cookies to share. When the class discovered one student hadn’t heard of Go Fish, they got out some playing cards and taught him the game.

cards and cookies.jpg

Physics: Ray Diagrams

Students worked on some problems drawing ray diagrams for plane mirrors. They had some trouble picking out which rays were important, but managed to get the hang of it by the end.

Chemistry Essentials: Reaction Types Problems

Students worked on some problems identifying different reaction types. I was really pleased with how many students defaulted to explaining their thinking about what the particles were doing when they asked for help.

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