Day 104: Standing Waves, Pendulum Problems, & Polyatomic Ions

I dropped the ball on taking photos today.

AP Physics 1: Standing Waves

We discussed the pattern in the number of wavelengths that appeared on a rope fixed at both ends, then I tasked students with determining whether the same pattern applies in other situations. Students were able to recognize the 1/2 wavelength pattern falls apart in some situations. Tomorrow, we’ll firm up the 1/4 wavelength pattern that fits these situations.

Physics: Pendulum Problems

Students worked on calculations and conceptual problems for pendulums. A lot of students were making good use of units to verify their work.

Chemistry Essentials: Polyatomic Ions

Students worked on writing formulas and sketching particle diagrams for compounds that include polyatomic ions. Students made good use of the simplified Lewis dot structures we’ve been using to work out the correct formulas and were able to make the leap to distributing subscripts for the polyatomic ions.

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