Day 88: Catching Up, Whiteboarding, & Bar Charts

AP Physics 1: Catching Up

The seniors were watching a play today, so I only saw one section of AP Physics 1. The good news is the section I saw is my much larger class, which is a little behind my other section. Today, I gave them time to finish up the lab practical and work on problems we ran out of time to whiteboard this week.

Physics: Whiteboarding

We got out the whiteboards to go over yesterday’s problems. In my larger section, we did a gallery walk since about halfway through the period I needed to dismiss students for the play. I saw my smaller section for the full hour, and in that class we focused on consensus-building one problem at a time.

Chemistry Essentials: Bar Charts

Students worked on some problems using energy bar charts to describe phase changes. A lot of students found the problems pretty easy and there were some great small-group discussions about a few problems, including one where students sketch sets of bar carts for a drink and for the ice in the drink.

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