Day 31: Collisions & Whiteboarding

AP Physics 1: Collisions

I’m doing things a little out of sequence to work around computer access, so we went back to the collisions lab from Monday. Today the data collection went a lot faster than Monday, which is not surprising since Monday was their first time using photogates.


Physics: Whiteboarding

We wrapped up going over some free-body diagram problems. My 1st hour had enough time to start yesterday, so they did mistakes whiteboarding. My 6th hour was a little more crunched, so I picked some of the trickiest problems and assigned two groups to each one. Then, the pairs of group met up to come to a consensus on the answer before we moved into a gallery walk of all the assigned problems.


Chemistry Essentials: Mistakes Whiteboarding

Students did mistakes whiteboarding for yesterday’s phase change bar chart problems. This class is still pretty quiet, but they are gradually getting better at speaking up during this activity.


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