Day 159: AP Test Day, Retakes, & Equilibrium

AP Physics: AP Test Day

About two thirds of my students took the AP Physics 1 exam today, so my classes were smaller than usual. I gave them time on to work on their final projects and I cleaned up some lab equipment. I had a broken tumble buggy in my room that a student asked if he could take apart, and ended up getting it running again.

Physics: Retakes

Today was also the unofficial senior skip day, so my physics classes were pretty small, too. I gave students the opportunity to retake assessments in class today, though no one took me up on it. In one of my classes, I’d tried lighting a fire with a convex lens yesterday, but it was too cloudy, so we took advantage of today’s sunnier weather to get some more success.

Chemistry Essentials: Equilibrium

My chemistry class is only about one third seniors, so I actually got to do some teaching today! We did a lab with a reaction between iron nitrate and potassium thiocyanate to see what happened with various changes to shift the reaction equilibrium.


2 thoughts on “Day 159: AP Test Day, Retakes, & Equilibrium

    • My school experienced a very difficult loss the night before the regular exam. Since we knew it would be an extremely tough day for a lot of my students, we got the okay from the College Board to give them the option of taking the test today.


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