Day 145: Review, Whiteboarding, & Legos

AP Physics: Review

A lot of my students will be taking the AP Chem exam on Monday, so it was the last time the whole class was together before Tuesday’s AP Physics 1 exam. One class asked if we could spend the whole hour on multiple choice, so we worked through a bunch of problems I’d loaded into Plickers. My other section asked for more time to work on the 2017 free response problems, so they got into small groups for that after 20 minutes of multiple choice practice.

Physics: Whiteboarding

Students whiteboarded some of the problems we’ve been working on prior to taking a quiz. A few students have started talking in terms of patterns for the number of notes and anti-nodes which is great. Students are also seeing the diagrams as a tool in ways they have not with previous types of diagrams.

wave diagrams.jpg

Chemistry Essentials: Lego Reaction Types

Students used Legos to represent ions in chemical reactions to get a better understanding of the different reaction types. Manipulating the blocks seemed to help students get a sense of how the ions are rearranging in a chemical reaction and tie some meaning to the terms from yesterday. I’m wondering if this lab could be reworked to start the unit and motivate the language, rather than simply being an opportunity to practice the terms.


3 thoughts on “Day 145: Review, Whiteboarding, & Legos

  1. I love the legos!!! Definitely going to use this with my chemistry students
    What are y’all doing after the AP Physics 1 exam? I’ll have eight more days with my juniors.


    • Thanks! I got the Lego idea from Michelle Vanhala (

      I’ll have 16 days (including some where I’ll be missing students for other AP exams) with my students after the test. I’m going to have my students do a final project that is essentially to pick a thing and use some physics we’ve learned this year to explain what’s going on.

      What do you do with your students after the test?


      • It’s my first year teaching AP Physics, so I’m still making up my mind. When I was in high school our last project was to build a Rube Goldberg machine, thought I would go with that for the sake of nostalgia

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