Day 141: Free Response, Longitudinal Waves, & Limiting Reactant Lab

AP Physics: Free Response

Students whiteboarded some released free-response problems, then reviewed their work with a scoring guide and presented to the rest of the class. We spent some time discussing the patterns in the scoring guide, like making sure you articulate every detail to get all the points. I especially made sure we spent some time discussing the experimental design problem from this set; a lot of students have been coming up with fairly complicated experiments on these problems, so we looked at the kind of simple approaches that can be very effective.


Physics: Longitudinal Waves

Students played with slinkies to see if what we’ve figured out about transverse waves so far works for longitudinal. A lot of groups got tripped up by the wording of my question on whether the relationship we previously found between wavelength and frequency still works. I think a lot of it is I’m having trouble getting across to students this year what I mean by a relationship between two variables.

Chemistry Essentials: Limiting Reactants Lab

Students did a reaction between aluminum foil and a solution of copper (II) chloride dihydrate. I assigned each group to use a different set of masses for their reactants so that different groups would have different limiting reactants. There was a pretty dramatic difference in the color of the solution at the end, which made for a pretty cool visual of the limiting reactant. Time got tight, though; next time, I need to spend about half a period pre-labbing, then get students actually doing the lab the next day. For this course, it could also be good to simply ask students to come up with an explanation for why different groups have different colored solutions without asking students to do the number crunching.


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