Day 131: Test, Whiteboarding, & Quiz

AP Physics: Test

Students took a quiz covering several learning targets that was really long enough to call a test. I’ve been including a self-assessment on my quizzes all year, and today I tried an idea I’ve been toying with to break each learning target being assessed into sub-skills. It didn’t have much impact on how students responded to the reflection I ask for, but students did say they found the breakdown of each learning target helpful. I need to think about good structures to share that with students prior to the assessments.

Physics: Whiteboarding

Students whiteboarded yesterday’s problems. I went with a consensus-building approach, where all groups whiteboarded the same thing, then we talked as a whole group to agree on the answer. There were a few things I could tell students were rusty on, but students were able to make the connections I was after.

spring wb (1).jpg

Chemistry Essentials: Quiz

Students took their quiz on stoichiometry. Several students, when given the mass of one reactant, asked if they could assume they had enough of the other reactants, which I found really interesting since that question hadn’t come up before. Regardless, that question will be a perfect lead-in to limiting reactants.

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