Day 53: Multiple Choice, Quiz, & Polyatomic Ions

AP Physics: Multiple Choice

Students took their last quiz for the trimester, then we spent the rest of the hour using Plickers to practice multiple choice questions. Final exams are next week, so the multiple choice also served as a way to start reviewing for the exam. I continued my usual routine of having students answer individually, then talk to a classmate before answering again and both classes had some good conversations about the problems.


Physics: Quiz

Students took their last quiz of the trimester over balanced force. A lot of students have been struggling to identify the direction of forces, and that is showing up on the quiz. When working on problems or labs, students were pretty successful when they went back to the language of the interaction stations we’d done, but the students who are struggling usually need prompting to think in those terms. I do some fairly general reflection in the course, but I’m thinking about how I can improve that next tri to help students recognize useful ways of thinking.

Chemistry Essentials: Polyatomic Ions

Students worked on writing formulas based on names that include polyatomic ions. Today, I added having students sketch particle diagrams for each compound, which helped them focus on the meaning of the various numbers. Yesterday’s activity with the Lewis dot beans also helped students think through today’s problems. Next tri, I think that will be my starting point for bonding.

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