Day 43: v-t Graphs, Board Meeting, & Chemical Change

AP Physics: v-t Graphs

Students took their first stab at solving problems for objects with a constant acceleration using velocity vs. time graphs. Groups were consistently getting the problems down pretty quickly, so we did a gallery walk of solutions for these problems rather than a full whiteboarding session. My students with some calculus knowledge are getting genuinely excited about the connections between physics and calc, which is a lot of fun. I also had some students think week talking about how momentum vs. time graphs fit with what we’re doing now, which has me really excited to start the Newton’s 2nd Law lab next week.

graph soln.jpg

Physics: Board Meeting

Students whiteboarded the results of the force of gravity lab. The results were pretty good and I had some students speaking up who are usually quiet during whole-class discussions. I’m also seeing students get more confident finding the line of best fit and translating y=mx+b into “physics”.

fg lab.jpg

Chemistry Essentials: Chemical Change

Students did a lab observing several chemical reactions to recognize signs of chemical change. One of the reactions produced a precipitate, and it was interesting that a lot of students were not convinced the precipitate was a solid since it was a fairly fine powder.

chem change.jpg

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