Day 33: Buggies, Problems, & Freezing Acid

AP Physics: Buggies

Students collected data to produce position vs. time graphs for a buggy travelling at a constant speed. While I really like this lab for the start of the year, it was fun to see a group that has a pretty strong class culture and is developing some good skills tackles a fairly easy lab like this one. My students were also SUPER excited about the buggies; I don’t think I’ve ever had students who were so into them.

buggy (1)

Physics: CAPM Problems

Students worked on another problem set to practice constant acceleration. We’re at a point where a lot of students are getting it and just doing more problems won’t get them there, so its time to move on.

Chemistry Essentials: Freezing Acid

Students made temperature vs. time graphs for freezing lauric acid. A lot of students are still not convinced that the temperature stays constant during a phase change, so I’ll need to make sure we spend some time going over the graphs tomorrow.

chem lauric.jpg

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