Day 161: Skip Day & Precambrian Minnesota

AP Physics: Skip Day

The Friday before Memorial Day is traditionally senior skip day at Tartan, so my classes were very small. The students who were here worked on their projects. One student was surprised that the fits on his raw data and linearized data had the same coefficient and intercept, which is a good reminder that I need to keep having students verbalize what their slope means, not just what physical quantity it represents, especially when dealing with linearized graphs. Since all but two of my students were either in calculus this year or took it last year, they were able to say a lot of the right words, but I still need to make sure they have a clear understanding of what is behind the words.

Earth Science: Ancient Minnesota

I gave students some information about precambrian rocks in Minnesota, then had them use what they’ve learned this trimester to make some inferences about that era. I had students point to a specific piece of evidence to support each statement they made, but I think this activity would have been better served by having them do a CER for each inference, instead.


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