Day 114: Final & Project Presentations

Today and tomorrow we are on a special schedule for final exams.

AP Physics: Final Exam

Students are taking a practice AP exam for their final. Since we have 90 min class periods during finals, they did a modified free response section yesterday on our last day with a regular schedule. Tomorrow, during their final exam period, they will take the multiple choice. I already know they are going to struggle on a few specific questions because we have not done much thinking in terms of the center of mass of a system, so, when we review, I’m planning to re-do a couple of topics focusing on those kinds of problems.

Physical Science: Project Presentations

I cut down the written final to fit in a single class period, then had students present their designs to the class during the extended period. Afterwards, students did some reflecting on the project, focusing on how they functioned in a group. A lot of the reflection would be more meaningful if students weren’t going to be completely reshuffled the next regular day of classes, but they were pretty engaged nonetheless. Students said they much preferred this over doing the written final today since it was lower stress and gave them a break from sitting in silence all day.

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