Day 90: Angular Momentum & Mirror Mazes

AP Physics: Angular Momentum

Students used a Linear and Rotational Collision Direct Measurement Video to get some practice with conservation of momentum. In the first question, I asked students to determine whether momentum was conserved in a certain collision using a calculation, and I was surprised by how many students struggled to understand the question. I might change up wording on some of the problems we did to explicitly have them state whether momentum is conserved or if there is an external force, similar to how I approach force problems by first asking students whether the forces are balanced.

I also asked some questions about whether momentum is conserved in collisions where the block starts to spin, and I heard some great conversations about uncertainty, external forces, and other big ideas that have me really looking forward to tomorrow’s discussion.


Physical Science: Mirror Mazes

Students used what they know about refection to solve some mirror mazes. I had some where students were given the placements of the mirrors and had to place the target and others where they were given the target’s location and had to place the mirrors. Since we haven’t done much with ray diagrams, this seemed to really solidify what I mean by the path of light.


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