Day 79: Whiteboarding & Snakey Springs

I spaced out and didn’t take any pictures today.

AP Physics: Whiteboarding

Students worked on whiteboarding elements of the two problems they worked on yesterday. One of the problems involved a block that slides up a ramp and became a projectile; students were either nailing the projectile portion, or completely lost. With an AP test looming, I need to remember to keep spiraling those old concepts back.

Physical Science: Snakey Springs

Students made standing waves and looked for a pattern in how many wavelengths “fit” on the spring. I found a lot of groups missed some of the standing waves, so we made a list as a class of the number of wavelengths they could make a standing wave with and students quickly recognized the pattern.

We also talked a little bit about assessments. After the magnetism quiz yesterday, a lot of students told me they thought it hadn’t gone well, but the most vocal students had perfect scores and the class average was 85%. After talking to students, I think this is related to my challenges engaging students this tri. The earth science assessments they took 1st tri put a lot of emphasis on factual recall, so the reasoning questions I shoot for are big shift for students. I need to think about how I can make it less intimidating to face a new scenario and need to take some time to think on the test.

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