Day 53: Rotational Inertia & Moving Galaxies

AP Physics: Rotational Inertia

Students took a quiz, then started working on a lab to find how mass and radius impact rotational inertia. A few students commented that they really liked the preparation I had them do yesterday, since they ended up with an outline of everything they need to do in the lab. Next year, I might provide a similar scaffold to some of the labs at the beginning of the year to help ease them in a little more.

ri rig.jpg

Earth Science: Moving Galaxies

After some short notes on the Doppler Effect and its role in astronomy, students made a graph to show the relationship between the speed a galaxy is moving away from Earth with and its distance from Earth. With the break this week, students were a little less focused than usual, so we’ll spend some time on Monday discussing the questions that go with the graph.

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