Day 51: CER & HR Diagrams

AP Physics: CER

Students practiced using the CER format to explain their answers on some TIPERs questions related to centripetal force and torque. Students are overall getting better at answering these kinds of questions, but many of them get stuck putting their process into words when they were able to use a formula to guide their answer. We only discussed one problem as a class, so I’m thinking about using a peer review process to go over some of the others.


Earth Science: HR Diagrams

Students worked on plotting temperature vs. absolute magnitude on a logarithmic grid to produce an H-R diagram. The plotting was much more time-consuming than I expected, partly because it was challenging for students to make sense of the logarithmic scale. I don’t think the time spent graphing did much to support understanding the science, so next year I want to give students a completed H-R diagram, then we can spend time making meaning, rather than making the graph.

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