Day 31: Quiz & Human Impacts

AP Physics: Quiz

I missed my AP Physics classes today to chaperone a field trip. they took a quiz on system schema and free-body diagrams, then worked on some 2nd Law problems. It was around this time last year that it finally clicked for me what system schema are for, so this is the first group of students I’ve had that really “get” that representation and truly find it useful. Based on their quizzes, we do need to spend some more time on internal vs. external forces, as well as how to pick your system when the problem doesn’t specify.

Earth Science: Human Impacts on Climate

Students used several different representations of emissions to answer some questions about pollution and its effects. The activity gave students a lot of opportunities to practice reading data tables and graphs, but I found my students did pretty superficial interpretation. My students also made pretty limited connections to the earth science content, and I think finding ways to go deeper on the data interpretation will help with the content connections.

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