Day 23: Test & Problem Scoping

AP Physics: Test

I use standards-based grading and this year, I’m giving each student two scores on each standard. What I’m calling the tier 1 score is from an assessment similar to what I gave in honors physics and the tier 2 score is from a full-period test with problems modeled on the AP Physics 1 exam. Today was the first tier 2 test. I’m not very focused today, so I spent too much time playing with a solution I made in Desmos to one of the multiple choice problems.

Earth Science: Problem Scoping

We’re starting a unit on wind that includes an engineering design challenge to plan a wind farm, so I decided to take a project-based learning approach to this unit. Today, I introduced the design challenge using a problem scoping process I picked up at EngrTEAMS. Students read a short memo from our “client”, then wrote individual answers to some questions about the specifics of the design challenge. We ran out of time for students to meet with their groups, so on Monday, they’ll share those answers in their groups and record a group answer in their notebook alongside the individual answers.

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