Day 17: Assessment Reflection & Movie Day

I’m spending the day at a district strategic planning session, so my students have a sub.

AP Physics: Quiz & Problems

Students took their quiz on constant acceleration. Our math teachers have been integrating reflection into their assessments and seeing some good things as a result, so I decided to steal the idea. On the first quiz, most students rated themselves lower than the score I gave, so it will be interesting to see what happens this time. After the quiz, students tackled some acceleration problems using graphical solutions, including a goal-less problem and what Etkina calls Equation Jeopardy, where students are given an equation, and have to come up with a scenario that fits.img_2249

Earth Science: Movie Day

The curriculum in my building calls for a video on Mt. Everest as part of the unit on the atmosphere, which is a perfect fit for a sub day.

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