Day 15: Mistakes Game & Solar Collectors

AP Physics: Mistakes Game

We played the mistakes game using problems translating between representations for constant acceleration. While I didn’t have to say much and there were some great questions asked, it ended up being a few people in each section who asked most of the questions. The students are pretty good about trying to call on new people, but I want to think about how to encourage more people to raise their hands or offer something during those discussions.


Earth Science: Solar Collectors

To apply what students learned this week, they started a short engineering design challenge to design solar collectors. I had them start by coming up with some ideas individually, then working as a group on a whiteboard to come up with a group design. At both stages, I had students fill out an evidence-based reasoning template my team developed at EngrTEAMS a few years ago to scaffold them to make connections between the science and their ideas.


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