Day 164: Senior Skip Day & Half Life Whiteboarding

Physics: Senior Skip Day

Today was the unofficial senior skip day, so I had less than a third of my students in class. I normally limit students to two reassessments per week, but gave students who were in class today an opportunity to do some additional reassessments. A few came to my class just to take advantage of that. A couple of students who were in school so they could play in a baseball game this weekend asked if they could work on the final review.

Chemistry: Half Life Whiteboarding

Only a few of my students in chemistry are seniors, so we continued as usual. Students finished the problems from yesterday and whiteboarded their solutions. I got some pushback from a few students who were very vocal about their opinion that if the seniors are gone, they shouldn’t have to work on chemistry. This may make the last week of school tough since seniors are dismissed a week early, so I need to start thinking about how I will keep my juniors motivated.


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