Day 151: Mirror Problems & Antacids

Physics: Mirror Problems

Students worked on some planar reflection ray diagrams from the Modeling Instruction curriculum. They seemed to be getting some important ideas in place about the ray diagrams.

Chemistry: Antacids

Students had to design an experiment to determine which of several different antacids is the most effective. It was clear that my students had not had many opportunities to design their own experiments, so there was a little panic at first, but they were able to come up with a procedure with a little nudging. I used 3 M HCl and the pH didn’t budge much with any of the antacids, so we had some conversation about what it means to have an inconclusive experiment in science. The other chem teacher used 1 M HCl, and got some very noticeable changes in pH after using the antacids and was able to make a reasonable comparison.


Not much change in pH

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