Day 120: Pendulum Motion Graphs & Mistakes Game

Physics: Pendulum Motion Graphs

Students whiteboarded their answers to yesterday’s worksheet. They did a nice job of using energy bar charts and free body diagrams to make predictions about what the position vs. time, velocity vs. time, and acceleration vs. time graphs should look like. We put a pendulum in front of a motion detector to get a look at the actual graphs and used both the formula and the graphs to determine the period of the pendulum.

Chemistry: Mistakes Game

Students whiteboarded their solutions to yesterday’s problem, including at least one intentional mistake. I ended up splitting each problem between groups, so one group did the statement, one did a diagram of the reactants, and one did a diagram of the products. I wish I’d had each group do a whole problem, then just limited how many present, since multiple representations gives room for richer mistakes.


A partially corrected whiteboard

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