Day 115: Final Exams

Physics: Collaborative Exam

Since physics is both very lab-based and very collaborative, we decided the final should be as well. We planned lab practicals based on the models from this trimester. Students are getting a test to complete individually that has descriptions of each lab practical, but no numbers. Students will have about an hour to set up equations and plan what they will need to do in the lab. For the last half hour, students will be placed into groups where they will actually complete each of the lab practicals.


Chemistry: Final Exam

I went with a fairly traditional written exam, though there was enough time that I could have done a two stage collaborative exam. I might try that next trimester, though I’ll need to think about how I will make sure students make effective use of the collaborative time. I also need to rethink how I approach the review assignment. I allowed students to use their review on the final, and several students answered some questions by just copying over their answer from the review, even when the test question was looking at a different reaction or element. Many of my students read below grade level, so I’m wondering if that was a factor in students who missed the ways the test was different from the review.

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