Day 19: Newton’s 2nd Law & Constant Acceleration Practical

Physical Science: Newton’s 2nd Law

Students began collecting data for Newton’s 2nd Law using the classic modified Atwood’s machine. This is the first time students have done an open-ended lab with quantitative data, and I enjoyed watching groups tweak their experiment to get good data.


This group added mass to slow their cart down, then added the golf ball to prevent it from sliding around in case that impacted the motion.

Physics: Constant Acceleration Practical

Students finished the practical started on Wednesday. After we collected data as a class to determine the speed of a tumble buggy and the acceleration of a marble on a ramp, each group got a starting position for either the marble or the buggy. Groups then had to figure out where to start the other so that, when released at the same time, the marble would land in a cup on top of the buggy.

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